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Sony XBR65X900F Review

Sony XBR65X900F Review

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This article contains the detailed information you need to know about Sony XBR65X900F, the pros and cons and also the my conclusion on whether or not it’s a good choice for you, though your choice of the best TV to buy is solely dependent on what you need in a TV and other factors like the price.


Sony XBR65X900F is a smart TV with a great 4k resolution and also has an excellent picture quality and bright display of colors even when in a dark room due to its extensive local dimming feature and great contrast ratio.



The TV is a smart TV that comes in an attractive design that not only has a great performance but also an attractive piece of electronics with a slim and nice design.


The TV has very tiny bezels that can easily make you think it doesn’t have bezels until you look closely at it, the TV stand on the other hand holds the TV firmly and tightly that it can comfortably stand on any surface. The L-shaped Bezels are well designed and can help stand the TV properly on TV Stands no matter the size of the stand unlike other TVs like Samsung TU8000 series that has tiny bezels that requires a large TV stand to be able to take the size of the TV.


The attractiveness of the design is just a part of the awesome features of the TV, another remarkable thing to note about the TV is its Awesome Picture quality which would be covered in the next section.



The Sony XBR65X900F series has been credited severally for its great picture quality that has a native contrast ratio and local dimming support which gives a good amount of brightness and enhances screen display when watching dark scenes on the screen.

The amazing thing about this TV is its ability to produce bright contrast and color levels when watching movies and also has low input lag for gaming which makes it a better option than other smart TVs, you would agree with me that apart from watching or streaming movies another way of enjoying oneself at home is b playing games, and that’s where this amazing TV comes in as it provides you with the needed resources to cater for your TV related needs.


The TV supports HDR contents both when watching movies and gaming and provides an excellent display of scenes.



The remote has a whole lot of buttons that helps to easily control the TV, unlike many remote controls out there with fewer buttons which makes it difficult for a first time smart TV user to easily set things up, it comes with rubber buttons that’s not seen in TV remotes of recent years, though the button doesn’t stop it from being a high performing one in terms of its functions.


The Remote has a quick access button that helps you to easily access Netflix and Google play services, it also has the voice command feature just above at the top of the remote for you to easily control the TV activities just by speaking into it, for this to be possible the TV has to connect to the remote control through Bluetooth.



The Sony XBR65X900F has a number of connections and ports right at the back and side of the TV, when mounted on the wall it’s very difficult to have access to the ports at the back of the TV cause they are placed right at the lower end of the back and be directly facing the wall if mounted, we believe they thought of this while creating the TV that’s why it has a side ports that enables you connect other devices to the TV.


The TV brand is somewhat not stingy like the case of most brans with the number of ports it rolled out with the TV, has 4 HDMI ports, an optical audio out port, 3 USB ports, an Ethernet port among others.


Android TV Smart OS

The Sony TV runs on the Android operating system which has a lot of features for everyday use, but has some inconsistency as it can sometimes respond promptly and it lags sometimes probably due to the many functions it performs at a time or due to the software issues not yet sorted out by the manufacturers.


The Operating System is a good one though not as good as the Tizen OS that comes with Samsung TU8000 and TU8300 series of TV.

The Android TV features a wide array of apps and has Google Assistant feature and far better than other TV OS in the number of apps that it has, it also has a google play store where you can download your favorite apps though not as good or extensive as the play store on phones.


Input Lag


The Sony XBR65X900F has a low input lag which makes it fully responsive when watching movies and playing games, with this you can be assured of having a wonderful image quality at a minimum response time.

  • Multiple ports options
  • Lags during use.
  • Extensive picture quality
  • Bad experience with customer service.



The Sony XBR65X900F prides itself in the many features rolled out with it like the extensive picture quality, great low input lag, sleek design, the smart OS by Android TV with a great number of apps, and a host of other features.

Though it has a slow response rate when making use of the TV which could be a major software issue that might be fixed with future upgrades.

The Sony XBR65X900F is one that a lot of individuals like and believe is good for anyone looking to buy a smart 4k TV and also with this review we believe you can make a good buying decision on the brand and features of TV that you can buy that would serve the needed purpose you want it to perform.

If you feel like checking out other brands and model, then read our articles on the best tv to buy to help you make a good buying decision.




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