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Sony X900H Review

Sony X900H Review

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Sony is a major brand that produces different high standard electronics that are usable at home and in the office, and in todays’ post we will be reviewing one of their Tv models, Sony X900H 85-inch TV, which has been in the market for some time now.


We have seen series of reviews from end users of this product and decided to give out our honest review as we usually do.


The X900H 85-inch TV brand is one that comes in an amazing design and has a whole lot of functions that any modern day Tv has like the Full HDR support, Local dimming which helps to have a higher and improve contrast ratio, great picture quality and sound functionality, When compared to other TVs with same functionality we noticed that the X900H 85-inch TV has all the functions and still maintains a decent lower price.


So in essence when making your choice on the type of TV for your home you can save some cash by getting Sony X900H 85-inch TV and still enjoy same features that other brands within the same range performs.


The only negative thing I noted about the tv is its narrow viewing angles, which doesn’t permit anyone to view the Tv from the side as it will give a blurry view of the screen.



The 85” size of this Tv goes for $4900 on Amazon as at the time of writing this post, but as usually brands like this usually roll out different variants in sizes that goes to ensure that everyone can get themselves one irrespective of the price, the 55 inch of this model sells around $1300 dollars as at the time of writing and still maintains better features than TVs that are priced way higher than that, this brand is practically one of the best out there, we did a comparison with models of popular brands like TCL and Samsung, though they have same functionality but we noticed that there is a huge difference in the price.


Design: the brand has a whole lot of functionality but I feel it’s best for Sony to sit up on their designs, though to some, what you can do with your electronics matters more than the design or how sleek and classy it looks, but to some other set of people design is a thing that makes them want to buy and not necessarily the functions.


Though it comes with a good design but it’s not as cool as others brands of the same class


Smart Tv Android 9.0

The TV runs on Android 9.0 which is a good one when it comes to smart TVs in the market, it is filled with apps that ensures that you use your Tv smoothly and effortlessly, if you need a particular app that isn’t on the TV, you can easily download any favorite app of your choice from the app store and get going. The apps are well arranged on the screen for easy access to them and for every mouse over the app you get a description of what the app is all about. The assistants on the Tv functions well and the voice control on the remote gives the needed actions in the shortest possible time, it’s as easy as taking t your child to carry out a certain feature, take for instance you want to watch a certain video on YouTube or Netflix you can easily control the Tv using the voice command on the remote and you get to see it perform whatever it is you asked it to do.


Local Dimming feature

This feature helps in giving a good display of brightness when watching dark scenes on your Tv, it’s a feature that is of great importance in any Tv and manufacturers of TVs has stepped up their game by adding this awesome feature to their new models of Tv. The feature helps by improving both contrast and black levels of the screen and ensures that the different areas of the screen have different forms of illumination. When getting a Tv it is of important to look out for the dimming zones, though Sony, unlike other brands in the market doesn’t state the dimming zones of the TVs they produce, the reason for this is best known to them.


Low input Lag

This is an essential feature for many game lovers, input lag is the period measured in milliseconds it takes the Tv to respond to signals( in this case to show image on the screen) from the time it gets the action to do so, imagine playing a video game with your TV and on pressing a button on your gaming pad, you have to wait for about a minute or two before you get a response on your screen, this can be so annoying and frustrating, and that is where the low input lag comes to play, with the Sony X900H 85-inch TV you get to enjoy your gaming experience as it performs each action swiftly.

  • Local dimming
  • Narrow viewing angle
  • Low Input lag
  • Great picture Quality


Upon comparing this product with other Tv brands like TCL and Samsung of the same class, and on requesting reviews from end users on their views/thoughts about the Tv and the brand in general, we believe that the model is one of the best that’s of the Sony brand and the feedbacks we got from customers on their views about the product also shows that they are cool with the performance of the Tv and it’s amazing features it carries. We can only hope that they improve on the viewing angles so we can have all the best features of a high performing Tv set in one piece.

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