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Samsung QN60Q60AA Review

Samsung QN60Q60AA Review

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The Samsung Q60AA series is one of Samsung’s models that has amazing inbuilt features that gives you everything you ever wish for in a tv set. It’s one of their QLED tv also known as Quantum dot that was made to give everyone a good buy for their money.


The Q60AA series amongst others is one of their best performing TVs which has proven and tested to be of a great performance overtime.


We have reviewed customers that purchased the product in the past and one thing they are all grateful for is the ability of the Tv to function well in terms of speed and features, we were also made to understand that the tv is a unique type that comes with greater display of brightness that helps you enjoy your favorite shows, whether you are watching a Tv program or streaming movies on Netflix.


The bright color display is one thing that has made the brand standout among others in the industry, so when searching for the best tv to buy with the displays in mind then go for the Q60AA brand of TVs.


What more do you want from a Tv that is missing in the Samsung Q60AA series, is it the high performance, the greater brightness levels or the HDR content which makes the series one of the best TVs in the market today.


The Tv like every other series comes in varying sizes that suits the size of our living room or financial budget, this size ranges from 43” to 85” inches, so you are at liberty to choose the one that’s best for you in terms of space and price.

Do not confuse the size with the features they carry as we have had instances of readers asking us the various features of each size ranging from the 43” to the 85”, the Tvs though different in size all carry same features, the only difference in them is the size and price, as the lower sized ones are sold cheaper than the bigger ones.


The Tv has smart features and apps that’s placed just at the bottom of the screen for easy controls and flexibility, you get to enjoy standard apps like Vudu, Netflix, HBO Max and so on. Asides the standard apps you also have the Samsung Plus apps that gives you access to cable tv for free, the only drawback to this is that you can’t skip the ads.


Features Of Samsung QN50Q60AA


Samsung QN50Q60AA comes with awesome features that enables you enjoy time out with family and friends and one thing that I like most about this particular series is its increased brightness levels, I can’t but lay emphasis on this cause its brightness and color schemes are one of the best things that makes it standout from the rest.


Lets take a look at some of the features of the Samsung QN50Q60AA.


Tizen OS

The Samsung QN50Q60AA comes built with a Tizen Operating system which is one of the best in the industry today, the operating system carries along with it some apps and programs that helps you enjoy have that nice time you have always dreamt of, it supports programs like Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus and the list goes on, it also supports google assistance and Alexa .


Solar powered Remote: the Samsung QN50Q60AA comes with a remote that’s powered by solar and this in some way would save you the cost of always getting batteries for your remote controls, though the cost of getting batteries isn’t really much but think about buying same batteries for period of a year and see how much you would have spent just on batteries.


Asides the fact that you get to save cost on the amount spent, you can also save yourself the cost of changing your remote controls regularly, cause when batteries get weak and not changed at the right time, they can spoil the remote controls.



This feature allows you view your favorite Tv programs simultaneously, think about doing two or more things at the same time, that’s where this feature comes to play, most other TV’s out there don’t have this amazing feature and which is one of the reasons why we rate Samsung QN50Q60AA as one of the best Tv with great features and still at a pocket friendly price.


Getting other brands of Tv with similar feature would cost a whole lot of money and might not even serve you for the length of time you expect it to serve.


Ports and Connections

The Samsung QN50Q60AA comes with multiple ports that enables you connect your Tv with multiple devise all at the same time, most times manufacturers limit the number of ports that comes with their Tvs to save up on costs, but this isn’t the case with Samsung QN50Q60AA as it helps you connect multiple devices and gadgets all at the same time without having to start unplugging cables whenever you want to use your device.


The Tv comes with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 2 downward facing speakers, an antenna input, A wired LAN that helps you get connected if you have issues with your Wi-Fi and so on.


Performance: The Tv supports HDR content gives the Tv the ability to give you the best of picture quality that can be compared to none, we had a comparison between Samsung QN50Q60AA and 2 other TVs within the same same price range and the picture quality of Samsung QN50Q60AA supersedes them all which made it one of our top picks of the best tv at the moment.


  • Supports HDR content
  • Lacks 120Hz refresh rate
  • Great picture Quality
  • No local dimming
  • High Performance


After going through series of research on this product and other similar products from other brands and at the same price point, we believe the Samsung QN50Q60AA brand has its own shortcomings like not having local dimming and 120hz refresh rate, just as any other TV out there, but in all, with the features that it carries we can only say that it’s a good product to buy at that price point. You can check out our review of other Tv Brands to see the best Tv for you

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