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SAMSUNG 55-inch Class Curved UHD UN55TU8300FXZA Review

SAMSUNG 55-inch Class Curved UHD UN55TU8300FXZA Review

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Samsung TU8300 has similar features as the TU 8000 series but n0w comes in a curved and more stylish design, though it is believed and from reviews gotten online that the TU 8000 series is way better than the Samsung TU 8300 series as it has some amazing features that are not present in the TU 8300 series.


Though the Samsung TU8300 lacks some features that are present in previous series of the brand, it’s still a good TV to get as it has a great picture quality, it also has an extensively low input lag that helps gamers in getting the very best when playing their favorite game using the TV.


Asides its curved design that the TV features and other awesome features that it has, the TV doesn’t have local dimming features which allows it to give nice colors when displaying black or dark scenes on the screen.


The TV series doesn’t also support Variable Refresh Rate which is one feature that most gamers look out for before deciding on the exact TV to buy that can satisfy their gaming needs, so if you are a gamer or a game lover you might want to check out other models of TV.


If you are not sure of the right TV to buy, then read on as this article reviews the Samsung TU8300


The TU8300 is one of Samsungs TV models that comes in an attractive shape and one thing that made a lot of individuals go for it is its curved shape, The TVs curved shaped brings a form of uniqueness when compared to other flat screen TVs.


Just like every other TVs of the brand the TU 8300 also has that sleek design that is one of the major things that makes the brand standout, The slim bezels is one other thing I love about the TV, which makes it look even more attractive and pleasing to the eyes unlike most other TVs in the market that comes bulky and with big bezels.


The TV comes with an attractive TV stand base which also adds some beauty to your living room, with the way its design you can easily place your Soundbar just below the lower bezel of the TV just in between the stand base.


As with other TVs you can choose to mount the TU8300 TV to the wall or just place it on a TV stand, it’s all dependent on what you want, but if your TV stand can’t occupy the TV due to the kind of TV stand base that comes with the TV then you can think of mounting it on the wall to save you the cost of getting a new TV stand.


Tizen Os

The Tizen operating system is one that runs on most fitness trackers and smart watches out there and the best part of it is that the TU8300 series also runs on the Tizen OS.

Among the great array of features that the Samsung TU8300 comes with it also powers a Tizen Operating system which we believe is better than the android OS that most TVs carry.


The Tizen OS comes packed with games and apps that helps make things easy for you, the operating system gives you access to a wide range of features like the download of needed apps from the app store, access to streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play movies and a host of others.


The TV has its apps well-arranged at the lower end of the screen for easy access to it and in the event that you need a particular app that isn’t on the TV you can easily download it to your TV using the app store that’s present with the Tizen operating system.


The TV also comes in-built with support for Google Assistant and Alexa.



The TU8300 comes with built in speakers that have has a total power of 20w. The speaker is well enough for a smart TV but can get really low in an environment with some amount of noise, to get the most use of your TV you can get a Soundbar so you can enjoy the awesome quality of sound that you will get when watching or streaming your favorite TV program.


As with most modern day TV the Samsung TU8300 is also one that comes with a low sound level, though sound is one of the overlooked feature that most people look out for when looking out for the best TV to buy, but if you are like me then you would want to get a Soundbar.



The Samsung TU8300 comes with same remote as the TU8000 series, the remote has awesome features like a dedicated button that helps you connect to popular streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, the remote also has a OneRemote function that acts as a universal remote and can control other devices that doesn’t support CEC over HDMI, with this amazing feature you don’t need to fill your living room with different remotes as only can be used to operate all gadgets.


The Remote also has a voice control feature that helps you navigate and perform other functions like change TV stations, increase TV volume, get weather reports and opening Netflix and YouTube but the only disadvantage of this feature is that it can’t be used to search for specific movie titles on these apps.

  • Awesome picture quality
  • No local dimming feature
  • Easy to Setup
  • Multiple input Ports


Though the Samsung TU8300 lacks some features that are present in the TU8000 series, it has other amazing features that still makes it stand out from the rest like its sleek and curved design, The Tizen Operating system, and low input lag for game lovers and the well reduced priced in the market among other features.


We believe that the Samsung TU8300 is reasonably priced looking at the features it provides and when compared to other brands and the features contained In the TVs they roll out. For me it’s a good TV to get as it caters for most of the needs and passed all the tests that makes a TV fit for a good TV, but if you feel the TV doesn’t satisfy your needs following the review of the features you found on this blog post or online and want to get another series or brand of TV, you can check out our article on the best TVs that you can buy.


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