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SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series Review

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series Review

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The SAMSUNG 55-inch TU-8000 Series is one of Samsungs newly manufactured TVs that comes with a whole lot of features and specs that can’t be found elsewhere or can be found only on select Tv brands. The Series f Tv has size that ranges from 43 inches down to 85 inches according to your taste and budget with the 43 inches having the lowest price and the 83 inches having the highest price amongst the 6 different sizes.


The 6 sizes are all the same in countries like the U.S, Australia and U.K the only difference is that the 85” is sold only in the US while the U.K and Australia residents can only get 82” against the 85” being sold in the U.S, other than that all sizes are the same across all geographical regions which include 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and lastly 75 inches

The price of the Tv is generally the same with that of RU8000 that was produced last year, and it’s cheaper in the US and Australia compared to the price of the same tv in the UK.


It is important to note that the TU-8000 comes at a cheaper rate than the RU8000 series brought into the market last year and though doesn’t have good picture settings as the RU8000 series but comes preloaded with some added functionality and feature that is considerably good at the price point.


In this detailed review, we look into the features, pros, cons and also our conclusion on whether the SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 is a good buy for you.


Let’s go right into the feature that this great Tv has for you.


Affordable with Numerous Features

The Samsung Tu8000 series of Tvs comes with great and amazing features that makes every timeout and leisure period a great one for you, it comes with inbuilt apps that makes life easy for you and is one of the lowest prices in the market. Selling on Amazon at $697.99, you stand the chance of getting the good performing Tv that fulfills all the needs you ever wanted in a smart Tv.


I think the Samsung tu8000 is reasonably priced with all the features it delivers, so if you are looking for a reasonably priced Tv that has great performance the Samsung TU8000 series is your best bet.


Lots Of Apps

Samsung TU8000 series comes with a lot of features and apps that makes life easy for you, the inbuilt apps includes and not limited to Netflix, Hulu, HBO+, youtube and other interesting apps that helps you get the best from your tv.

You can make use of the voice assistant on the remote to control the Tv and this is made possible through Google Assistant, Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby apps present on the Tv, apart from the apps the Tv can also be used to mirror your phone or laptop screens with the aid of the Samsung SmatThings App and Windows Display support.


Low Input Lag

One important feature that comes with thus Tv is its Low Input Lag which is the amount of time it takes the Tv to receive a signal and the period between the updates, And the TU8000 models of Samsung has shown to have this essential feature which puts it in the league of the high ranking Tv Brands.


The Feature is what has made a huge number of game lovers to like the Tv set as it is a Tv that functions properly when its set to the gaming mode and the best part of it’s that it doesn’t lag or give issues while enjoying your favorite game.


Sleek Design

One of Samsungs major way of staying ahead of fierce competition in the market today is through the creation of products that has a good design, not just in the design but also in the overall performance of their products.


We have tested so many products alongside that of Samsung in different categories like Tvs, Home Theatre, Sound bars and other household electronics and over time the brand has always proven to be the best among them all.


And the good thing about the brand is they create products that fills the need of everyone in terms of their finances and other factors like size, weight, features and other factors, whether rich or poor there is a product out there for you.


The Design of the TU8000 series is so sleek and fancy that can give your living room a sense of beauty. It comes with a wide stand also looks nice but is not advisable to get this particular model of Tv if you want to place it on a small furniture that’s below 103cm as it will not fit in and might require you to spend more in buying a bigger shelve for your Tv, you can checkout other Tvs with their stand to avoid spending extra before making your buying decision. Read our Best Tv guide to also see more


Tizen OS

The SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series Comes with Tizen OS preinstalled which gives you all the flexibilities that you need, it provides you with an easy to setup interface that allows you to quickly setup your Tv using your remote, most times its usually very hard to do this by using the on-screen buttons but with this singular feature you can easily setup your Tv with the click of a few buttons.


The Easy of setup isn’t just the only thing great feature about this Tv, it also helps you download the needed apps in case you need to download additional apps to your Tv, just lie our mobile devices the Tv has its own app store that lets you search for apps and download them into your Tv set.


Once you complete setting up the Tv you can easily control it using your mobile device if you are far from the reach of your remote or if you misplaced the remote control. These amongst others are the things you get when you have a Tv set that runs on the Tizen OS.


  • Easy to setup
  • Too many advertisements
  • Awesome picture quality
  • Doesn’t have good brightness


We carried out tests on this particular brand of Tv with others of same quality and pricing and were able to reach our conclusion putting into consideration a lot of factors, and after reviewing other Tv brands in our detailed review of best Tvs we can say that this Tv is worth the price and is a good one for you following the number of features it carries and other important factors.

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