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LG 65UN7300PUF Review

LG 65UN7300PUF Review

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The LG 65UN7300PUF is the largest set of TV among the among the UN7300 models which has sizes that ranges from 43 to 65 inches, the TV is made solely for customers who are more concerned about size of TV set against the features it carries.

Though the TV passes so well for a smart TV and provides you with all the functions that you can get on a smart TV, like the high picture and contrast quality, the operating system which makes it easy and enjoyable to access a wide range of apps, full HDR10 support and other great features


We are going to be looking at what makes this TV model a good choice to buy.



The TV comes in a very attractive design like every other TVs by the brand, it’s so slim though has an outer posterior at the back which doesn’t totally make it look slim and occupies a bit of space.


The TV has a well reduced bezels on the four sides, with the bottom bezel having the LG logo as with all other models, the lower end of the bezel features a button for users that are close enough to the TV and feels the need to make use of it.


The TV base stand comes in a V-shaped attractive design that looks cool when placed on a TV stand, though some individuals prefer to save space by mounting their TVs on the wall which is also cool, before getting this or any other size of this brand ensure that the size you are going for will perfectly fit into your tv stand.


Underneath the lower bezel is a perfect space to fix in your Soundbars which also gives an attractive look.



The remote comes well designed and filled with awesome features that makes things easy for everyone, the remote has the voice control feature that enable you switch TV channels, control volume, adjust brightness levels, stream your favorite movies from services like Netflix and amazon prime video, just by speaking into it.

Another thing to note about the remote is that it has buttons that helps you easily and quickly access services like Amazon prime video and Netflix.


The Universal remote that comes with it enables you to control

All other devices that are connected to your TV, which is a good one from the brand save it saves you the stress of having to maintain series of remote, or in the event that you are not close to the remote of say your home theatre system, you could easily make the necessary adjustments using the TV remote.


What more can you expect from a TV that isn’t in the UN7300 series.



The TV produces a combined power of 20w (RMS) which is cool for a flat screen with speakers, though this could appear to be so low in terms of how well one can enjoy the quality of audio that he gets when watching a program, it’s still okay to cater to the sound needs of the average TV viewer.


If you are like some persons that likes a good sound and audio quality when watching films you can go for a Soundbar to compliment the sound from the TV.


With most flat screen TVs have low sound quality it has become necessary to make provisions for a Soundbar when thinking of getting a new TV or replacing your old one.


The TV also has Bluetooth support that enables you to connect to up to two speakers to get the very best of sound quality. You can check out online stores to see a list of the best Bluetooth speakers for your Smart TV.


Operating System

The TV has an in-built operating system that Web OS that’s meant for easy access to apps, smart TV functions like Google Assistant and Alexa, streaming services like Hulu, Amazon prime, Netflix, YouTube and a lot of others that you can enjoy on your TV.


The Web OS operating system amongst other functions also has voice control capability which enables you to use your TV just by voice command, say what you want and the TV will perform the needed action.


If you are not cool with the voice control feature you could as well make use of the remote control option to control the programs and a whole lot of other functions that’s in the TV


It’s practically one of the best OS when it comes to smart TV operating system.



The LG UN7300 Smart TV model comes built in with so many features that includes 3 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports, Wi-Fi 5 connectivity, An Ethernet port and other connection ports.

  • Supports multiple formats
  • It has no local dimming
  • Improved brightness level
  • Nice Smart TV Options


Following the number of reviews from reviewers online and also our review of this TV, and its amazing feature it is obvious that the general public is pleased to have a TV like this that provides them with a good picture quality, an operating system that helps them update their apps and software, supports Bluetooth, has multiple HDMI ports, awesome voice control feature and access to Google assistant and Alexa amongst other features.


Though an average customer wouldn’t pay attention to the aforementioned functions they can derive from the TV, but it is paramount to state them as this is a complete review that gives detailed information about the product.


On whether the TV is a good choice to buy is totally up to you, one best way to decide on whether it is a good one is by going through the features and see if it can satisfy your needs with regards to the functions you want it to perform, which we have carefully reviewed here, and also checking out what other previous customers that have used it has to say about the product and brand generally.


To see customers feedback about the product you can head over to Amazon and see what customers who has used the product are saying before you make that buying decision.


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