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Hisense R6G Review

Hisense R6G Review

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Are you looking for a good perfuming 4k HD SMART TV and on a shoe string budget?


The Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series is the right choice for you as it is one of the high performing smart TVs of the brand that comes at a price that an average individual can easily afford.


Looking at previous models of the Hisense brand you will notice that there has been series of complains and dissatisfaction from customers that have used the products, and what we later experienced was an upgrade in the quality of products manufactured by the brand.


Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series is one of the brands series that took into account the failures of the previous models and has greatly improved upon it to give customers a good value for their money.


This articles gives a detailed review of the Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series and its various features alongside benefits you stand to get by getting this brand of TV.



The TV delivers a contrast filled, clear and bright display of scenes with its 4k and HDR built in features. You get a crispy bright picture and contrast levels thanks to the feature.


The TV is a good one for movie lovers and gamers as it has a good amount of refresh rates which gives an awesome viewing experience.


In the area of picture quality, the TV is good considering the price at which it is being sold, but it’s not to be compared to the likes of H8 and H9 series of the same brand as they deliver more brighter and crispy picture, but if you are the average TV user that doesn’t care or isn’t picky with regards to picture quality or features then this TV is a great buy for you.


You get to enjoy other amazing features when you get the TV, like apps and voice control feature which we are going to look at as we proceed.


The TV has quality contrast levels that displays deep blacks when watching your favorite movie in dark rooms and its upscaling features helps in improving the quality of pictures with low resolutions, this is a good one as it upgrades content with say 480p to a higher resolution which you can visibly notice when you compare the display with other TVs that don’t have the upscaling feature.



As with most TVs by the brand, Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series also features the Roku operating system which gives you all the awesome functions you get to enjoy when using a smart TV.


The Roku OS is a very good operating system amongst the many list of TV operating system and it’s easy to use and setup and I believe any end user can easily setup without the need to read the guide or read content online.


The operating systems comes with in-built apps that are well arranged on the screen of the TV which makes it easy to access and in the event that you need a particular app you can easily get them by visiting the app store.


The Roku powered smart TV is very easy to setup and in matter of minutes a new smart TV user should be up and running, the OS has features which allows you to easily import your apps, accounts and setting from your previous Roku device, this is an awesome function that ensures you don’t lose out on your previous apps and settings.


Furthermore, in situations whereby you are having a good time watching your favorite show on the TV and other members of the family are busy and do not want noise, you can easily connect your phone to the TV and get the audio directly from your earpiece or through a Bluetooth device, this makes life even more better as it gives everyone the convenience they require.


One amazing and noteworthy feature of the TV is the voice control function that’s present in most smart TVs today, this feature allows you to say things to your TV and have it do whatever you say like you want to switch TV channels or watch a particular movie, you can do that by just speaking to the TV and it responds in return with the required action you want it to perform.


Another great feature about the OS is that it makes it possible for you to control your TV using your mobile phone and this is made possible through the apps present in Google app store and IOS app stores and we will be talking about that in the next section



This Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series review will not be complete without mentioning the awesome features that can be performed using its remote control system.


The remote comes is a simple but stylish pattern and has quick access buttons that directly connects you to your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Disney, Roku and Hulu, what this does is whenever you want to use any of the streaming services you just do that by clicking a button on the remote instead of having to scroll through apps before you can have access to them.


Though the remote doesn’t come with voice control feature which is only present when you access the Roku app through your device but can be used to do most of the functions that a usual remote can perform.


Considering the feature and how well the remote functions I think this TV is a good smart TV at that price point as other TVs in the market won’t price a TV with some awesome feature at the current price of this brand of TV.



The R6 series is a high quality TV that’s best for gamers as it comes with a low input lag and a good response rate which makes you enjoy your favorite game, among other things is the nice and clean display of effects on the screen as it comes with a good picture quality.


Though the R6 series might not be a good choice for top gamers as it might not be able to function properly with some higher gaming consoles, but it’s a good one for an average gamer, and if you are looking for a budget-friendly TV that helps you to still enjoy a nice picture quality, a good OS and also helps you enjoy your favorite game then you can go for Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series but if you need one that can function well ten you can look at the H8 series or the Samsung TU8300 SERIES though it comes more pricey.


Sound quality

Like some smart TVs out there the Hisense r6 series comes with a good enough sound quality, but you can oh enjoy it when watching your favorite program in a silent room, that means everyone will have to concentrate on the program without commenting or arguing about a scene.


It’s loud enough for viewing in a quiet room but can’t be used to host guest in a living room party or to display things in a gathering as the sound quality will be so low and might not be audible to some.


Talking about audio quality this isn’t one of the things I would likely say is a drawback or a con of this TV as the sound levels of most smart TVs is relatively low and can’t be heard except you connect it to some external speakers.


If you want a good audio quality you can set up your TV with an audio system or preferably get a sound bar alongside your TV to get the nice sound quality that suits you.


I personally don’t take audio output as anything serious when making decision before buying a new TV set as I know it’s something that can easily be taken care of by other devices and it’s even easy with this TV as you can easily make use or your earpiece or Bluetooth device if the need arises.





The Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series is a good one for every home considering the wonderful design and the great array of features which it carries, it’s a good one for the usual movie person or gamer but if you need a good smart TV that has more features and functions well you can checkout other brands in our review of best TVs in the market.


The H8 and H9 series is a better version but if you are concerned about the price then you can go for the R6 series.

  • Quality Sound
  • Software related issues.
  • Easy setup
  • Awesome picture display


This article covers Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series review, its features alongside benefits you get when you buy the TV.

It’s a budget friendly TV that comes with amazing features of a smart TV and if you are an average TV person then this is a great product for you.

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