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Prices & Shipping

We keep things simple. What you see is what you pay.

One price – simple, easy, straightforward – the way it should be. What you see is what you pay. There are no add-ons during checkout, no additional charge for using credit card or PayPal, no minimum order amount for free shipping, no surcharge for remote areas, no extra for shipping insurance. Many of our competitors go the extra mile to make things complicated. They believe in confusing you. At Ultraboooks, we don’t do any of these. We believe in making things as simple, as transparent, and as easy as possible for our customers.

Discounted Pricing

Ultraboooks philosophy is simple, offer the fastest and most powerful premium computers at significant savings from retail prices. Ultraboooks offers discounted prices on the entire range of computers we sell. Sometimes you can take advantage of further reduced prices by choosing Bank Transfer as a payment method, hence it is the preferred payment method of the majority of our customers.

Q: Would I be paying more if I choose to pay for my order using PayPal, Credit or Debit card?

No. You would not be paying more. We do not charge any additional fees for using PayPal, credit or debit cards. Due to various limited time promotions, Bank Transfer/Online Banking/BACS/CHAPS/Faster Payments paying customers are sometimes paying less. Our pricing is highly competitive and almost in all cases lower than retail, and you are getting some of the best deals on the market regardless of the payment method.


Stay Informed Discount

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Education Discount

In addition to our low prices, Ultraboooks offers £35 instant discount to students, teachers, administrators, and staff members. We also offer this discount for home-schooling programs, pre-kindergarten, and purchases made on behalf of students. To be eligible, we must be able to verify your academic status.

Free Shipping on all orders

  • No minimum order amount
  • Free Priority FedEx Express Shipping
  • 24-48 hour delivery to most areas (1-2 business days)
  • No surcharge for remote areas

Q: Where do you ship?

We ship to all countries within the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Australia.