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How to Get Better Wifi Signal from Neighbor

How to Get Better Wifi Signal from Neighbor

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What if your wifi signal was just not up to your standards? What if you could barely reach the living room, but you could reach the neighbor’s house with perfect clarity?

In this article we will be looking at how to get better wifi signal from your neighbor, it seems like an impossible situation, but there are ways to solve this problem once and for all.

Problems associated With Using Your Neighbor’s Wifi

  1. Weak signal: One major disadvantage that comes with using your neighbor’s wifi connection is weak signal and this may bring about delay in the time spent to open up a particular webpage, asides that you will have difficulty in getting the very best when streaming your favorite shows or downloading movies online. Wifi’s are made to have a limited number of connection within short distance, and if your house is at a distance from that of your neighbour you will experience a hard time using their wifi connection.
  2. Security threats: Using your neighbors wifi may also pose security threats to your privacy. When using the network created by your neighbors router you are also giving access to their personal information and computers as well. Although this may seem like a good idea at first because you can use one network for all of your needs, all of your information is being shared with everyone else who is on that connection.
  3. Inability to create new networks: Aside from these safety issues, using the internet on your neighbor’s wifi may also result in a lot of problems occurring. First, you cannot create new networks that have no users on them. Without users on a network, it is useless and does not even exist. This means that if you go out to get coffee and come back to find out you can’t access the internet then your neighbor who uses the wifi may be to blame for this because they are using it without permission.
  4. No Data Privacy: Your main issue with using the wifi from your neighbors is that they may be able to see what you are doing online if they have a network monitoring system in place. If you are doing something that may harm them or their family, then they may be able to see great detail about it, who it is and where they are located at while they are doing it.

Here are 5 tips for getting better wifi signal from your neighbor.

  1. Check your router’s antennae placement- The location of your antenna determines which direction it can receive internet signals from, so check that they’re not facing inward or downward. If they are, consider rotating them horizontally or vertically to receive signals coming from other directions.
  2. Check your router’s firmware- Firmware is the software that makes your router work. If it’s out of date and you have a newer model, you might benefit from an upgrade.
  3. Create a straight line- WiFi signals lose strength as they travel through walls and other solid objects such as wood, glass, and brick. To help your router overcome these obstacles, place it in the center of the area you’re trying to connect to, facing outward so it can reach more devices without interference.
  4. Turn off your computer- This is because your computer monitor emits electromagnetic waves. These waves can cause interference with your router, and they can also send signals to other devices within your home. Just as we don’t want our neighbors to know what websites we’re on, it’s just as important that we don’t tell them what devices we’re using.
  5. Check if there are objects between the router and where you need the internet- If there are objects within a certain distance of your router, you might be getting poor signal quality. Move the router closer to the edge of that area in order to improve speed and quality.

Remember that your wireless router can only provide internet signals in a cone shape. If you’re trying to access the internet in one direction and your neighbor’s house is in another direction, there’s not much you can do without physically moving the router.

However, if you’ve tried all of the above tips and still don’t have adequate signal strength, you might want to consider using an Ethernet cord to connect directly to your computer.

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