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How to Fix Beboncool Switch Controller Not Pairing

How to Fix Beboncool Switch Controller Not Pairing

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If you’ve found your beboncool switch controller not pairing, fear not! Reading through this article will outline some of the most common reasons why the pairing would fail, and how you can rectify the situation. Although it may seem like an arduous process at first glance, we assure you that all these problems are relatively easy to fix!

A few issues to consider when fixing your beboncool controller are: making sure that there is no battery or memory card inserted into it; checking that both controllers are turned on and in range of each other; if necessary, trying a different USB port.

At the end of this article you would have gotten a lot of information on the reasons why your beboncool switch controller pairing is not working and also possible solution to fix the problem

What is Beboncool switch controller?

The beboncool switch controller is a small, device that allows you to control the brightness of your Smartphone or tablet. The device has a bezel that rotates around your device, and when in motion, the bezel will either light up blue (when in use), or darken down and turn off (when not in use). This means that it will either connect with your Smartphone or tablet, lit up blue, or darken down and turn off. Purchasing the Beboncool switch controller allows you to use your phone as the source for plugging into your device.

How to fix Beboncool switch controller not pairing

There are multiple possible reasons why the beboncool switch controller may not pair to your device, although the following reasons are the most common. However, before you begin any troubleshooting or repair process, we advise that you back up all data on your device and ensure that your Smartphone or tablet is fully charged.

Reason 1: Resetting the Bebencool Switch Controller

Did you reset the beboncool switch controller? This can sometimes cause confusion of whether the pairing has been established with your device. We recommend that you hold down the power button on the back of the beboncool switch controller and reset it. This should solve most issues when pairing your device and the beboncool switch controller.

Reason 2: The battery may not have been installed correctly.

In this case, we suggest that you remove all batteries from both your Smartphone or tablet and your beboncool switch controller, then re-insert them. We also suggest that you try reinserting your Smartphone or tablet’s battery first, then quickly inserting in the beboncool switch controller’s battery. This should solve the problem if you had installed the beboncool switch controller battery incorrectly.

Reason 3: Bebencool Switch Controller May be out of Range

We also recommend that you try playing around with your Smartphone or tablet’s distance from the beboncool switch controller so that it has a better chance of pairing properly. If possible, we suggest moving your Smartphone or tablet closer to the beboncool switch controller, so that it has a better chance of connecting and pairing with your device.

After making sure that all these steps have been taken to rectify the problem then take a look at the solutions;

  1. Make sure that there is no battery or memory card inserted into it. Make sure that your Smartphone or tablet is turned off and unplugged from both controllers, but still installed in its regular charging power source.
  2. Reset your controllers by pressing down the power button for 10 seconds.
  3. Replace your Smartphone or tablet’s charging back cover with a different one. Try to get a new one from the same manufacture. The cover may have some short in it causing it to not allow communication between your device and the controller. However if everything else is working fine that is not the answer.
  4. Try another USB port. Try to plug-in your device into a different USB port and see if it works. If you have multiple devices, make sure that they are plugged into different USB ports, otherwise the controller may match the others up with itself and refuse to work.
  5. Before you set up the beboncool switch controller, make sure that your PC is on and connected to the Internet. If your PC is connected to the Internet and it’s then not responding with the pairing, then you may have an issue with your router or network. Try restarting your router(s) by pressing reset button for a few seconds.
  6. If you’re able to connect your device with the beboncool switch controller, but then after a few minutes it disconnects, use the following troubleshooting steps to see if that fixes the problem:
  • Move closer to your router. If you’re too far away from your router, it will cause interference and disconnection. Move closer to the router and try again to see if that fixes the issue.
  • Move your router closer to your device. If you are too far away for the router to have an effect, move it closer to your device so that it can have a better signal.
  • Make sure there are no other devices on the network with beboncool controller devices. You can check the available devices by typing in “locator” in you tablets or phones browser and look at the available devices/router connected.

Beboncool switch controller pairing to pc

Yes you can pair the switch with a pc, but it does not appear to be working for me. If you have to have multiple controllers, then it would be a good idea to have the PC first use one, and when you get the others, simply install them and they should pair. All other windows devices should be able to connect as well.

My beboncool switch controller always turns off while i use my device or charge it.

This may have to do with a low battery or if you have a lot of devices, if one device is taking a lot of power it could cause the others in your portfolio to shut down. To fix this charge/configure your device first, then try connecting or pairing the switch controller.

Beboncool switch controller pairing to iphone

You can pair the switch controller with an iPhone. However, this is a common problem that iPhone users may encounter. Be sure that your device is on before you connect the beboncool switch controller. Also make sure that you are plugging in the controller first, then connecting your device to it next. If this doesn’t work try holding down the home button while connecting and pairing your device and a USB cable at the same time until it is connected (note: do not use your computer for this process).

We hope this has helped you fix your beboncool controller not pairing problem and that it is now working perfectly! If you have any questions we will be happy to assist you. Further information can be found on the Bebencool website.

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