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How to Clean Computer Keyboard Using Keyboard Cleaner Brush

How to Clean Computer Keyboard Using Keyboard Cleaner Brush

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Whether you have a laptop or desktop computer, your keyboard is one of the elements that can easily harbor bacteria, food crumbs and other assorted filth. The keys are an ideal surface for the proliferation of germs and can become a veritable petri dish if not properly cared for. Fortunately, it’s easy to take care of this problem with just a few minutes’ worth of effort.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to clean your keyboard with a keyboard cleaner brush and other tips for avoiding these pesky problems in the future!

Steps on how to clean your keyboard

  1. Turn off your computer before unplugging it from the wall or surge protector. This will help to prevent any possible damage to the computer, your keyboard, as well as your surge protector.
  2. Remove any detachable devices from your computer and from the keyboard in particular; at a minimum, remove the computer’s power plug and all USB cables.
  3. Make sure that you are working on a clean, dry surface with no moisture or liquids. If you need more space in which to work, disconnect your monitor from its PC and place it nearby so that you have extra room for moving around the keyboard.
  4. Remove your keyboard’s plastic keycap covers if not already removed. Some keyboards have a set of caps that cover the number row, so be sure to check before removing them.
  5. If you don’t already have one handy, prepare to use your favorite antistatic (static- neutralizing conductive) wrist strap or anti-static wrist bands.
  6. Use a can of compressed air to blow away any dust or dirt from between the keys, being careful to hold the can upright and at no point allowing the nozzle’s tip to come in contact with your keyboard.
  7. Dip your keyboard cleaner brush into a cup of water, then pull it out and fling off any excess liquid that may have been sucked up by the fibers. This will make sure that you are using only water (or a special cleaner of your choice if you prefer) on the keyboard rather than a mixture of water and cleaning solution.
  8. Check to make sure that no debris has stuck to the outer walls of the brushes. (This is a little tedious, so be patient!)
  9. Run your keyboard cleaner brush and the side of your finger across all of the keys in a single stroke, being careful not to get any water or cleaning fluid on or into any other key.
  10. If necessary, clean the edges of each key with a cotton swab dampened with alcohol to remove any ink or other residue.
  11.  Next, use your preferred cleaning solution on a clean cotton swab to thoroughly clean the insides of each key.
  12. Once you’ve cleaned each key, repeat step 9 above; only this time, wipe the surface of the key with a damp cotton swab until all traces of dirt and grease are gone.
  13.  Lastly, put your keyboard back together and plug everything back into place; then make sure to power it on to test for any remaining water or other residue.

Your keyboard should now be working just fine!

If you have any questions, related to this topic on how to clean your computer keyboard using a keyboard cleaner brush please feel free to comment below.

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