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How Far Can Airpods be Away From Phone

How Far Can Airpods be Away From Phone

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Every time you want to connect with Siri or Google, you may find yourself wondering how far away from your iPhone an AirPods case can be. The distance is a great concern for anyone who wants the best experience with their AirPods.

In this article, we will go over the specifications of the AirPods and explain where they are compatible. We will also break down what steps you can take to ensure that your experience meets your expectations!

How Far Away From Phone Can I Put My Airpods?

Just about everywhere! Apple designed this product in such a way that it’s compatible with most Bluetooth devices and cables.

AirPods have a Bluetooth radio chip, allowing you to enjoy more freedoms than any other wireless earbuds. They are compatible with most Bluetooth devices made within the past few years. AirPods are compatible with iPhone 5, 6, and 7 series as well as latest iPad portable tablets. They can also work on any Mac or PC computer. In addition, they are “made for” any model of Apple Watch that has a built-in microphone!

If you own an Android device that supports Bluetooth pairing, then AirPods will work with that too. If you have an iPhone, then you can download the free AirPods Bluetooth pairing app. Pairing is simple and fast. Once paired, they will automatically return to their charging case when no longer in use.

AirPods are a great choice for anyone who is constantly on the go! Not only will they stay secure in your ears when you’re running, but they work as well as any other adequate Bluetooth device that you have on hand.

Can I Use Airpods Without Bluetooth?

No. The Bluetooth technology that is built into the AirPods allows for a secure, hands free experience. If you intend to pair them with a non-Bluetooth device, then you need to remove the case off of your AirPods so that they can connect. In addition, making sure that they are not equipped with too much extra hardware (for example, double-sided charging cable which may cause interference) could also lead to listener frustration.

How To Tell If My Airpods Are Pairing With Phone?

The Apple built in bluetooth pairing app will pair your AirPods when you connect your iPhone or iPad device with your passcode. It will also guide you through the pairing process by showing a few small arrays of flashing colors. These flashes of light should match up with what Apple has represented in the images. The best way to ensure that your AirPods are properly paired with your device is to check your iPhone settings.

You can check if you have successfully connected your AirPods or not by going into Settings > Bluetooth and checking if they are listed. If they aren’t then you need to go into AirPods settings and check if they have successfully paired or not. To do so, open the charging case next to the phone until it connects, then open the lid of the case and place one earpiece in an ear. Once that is done, tap on the button in the middle of your phone screen to open the App Store.

How To Pair AirPods With iPhone 6S Or 7/7Plus?

Launch Settings app Tap on Bluetooth icon Next, tap on AirPods to find it and make sure you are using the right device (iPhone or iPad). Tap on “Pair” and then hold the button in. Once the device is paired successfully a new icon will show up on your home screen. You can delete this by tapping on it then tapping “Delete.

How Can I Check AirPods Battery?

Open your iPhone settings and click on Bluetooth. You will see the battery status of AirPods next to it. If it is paired, then your battery status (e.g 87%) will appear on the bluetooth icon next to AirPods but if you cannot connect your AirPods, then you will see “Not connected” there.

Can I Sync Music To My Earpods?

Yes! You can sync music all by yourself. Open your earpods case, click on the icon in the middle of the screen, and then choose music.

Can You Use AirPods Without Any Case?

No, you cannot use AirPods without a case. If you want to use them without their case, then you need to remove it. The only reason you would remove it would be if they got lost or if the battery dies out. You cannot use them without the case because it will not be able to charge or connect.

Can I Listen To Music Without A Phone?

AirPods can only play music when they are charging in their charging case. Even if they are paired properly with your iPhone, you still have to have the case on in order to hear music. In order for you to listen to music, you must first put them in your ears then open the lid of their case and close it until it connects with your device. Once that is done, you can proceed to sync music with AirPods.


I hope you gained alot from this article, feel free to ask questions on any issue that you dim necessary as we will be waiting to get them answered.

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