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10 things that can destroy your computer

10 things that can destroy your computer

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Using your computer for a specified amount of time is one thing that most users want, which enables them to plan ahead before their machine starts developing faults, but a lot of persons are unaware of some of the things for can put their computer at risk of getting spoilt.

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In this article, we will be taking a look at 10 things that can destroy your computer, and how you can protect yourself from these viruses, malware, and hackers.

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10 things that can destroy your computer

  • Passing off an infected disk as a virus-free one

Viruses thrive in COVID-19-free zones, so if you use an infected disk Defragmentation will likely crippled your computer’s performance.

One of the reasons many people allow themselves to become infected in the first place is because they think their computer will be faster if it’s virus-free. But in many cases,  after the infection is in place, the OS takes over, and the computer becomes a useless virus host.

Windows offers a checking tool called the Windows Defender, which will identify infected files, and quarantine them to prevent their spread.

  • Installing spyware and malware

Spyware and malware are two different things, and most users confused them for something that is actually a virus.  In fact, some malware will be disguised as a virus, even though they are two different animals.

It  is  crucial to be aware that regardless of how small the file is, if it displays any symptoms of being a virus, you must treat it as such.

  • Poorly maintaining your computer

Keep your computer clean by using a dust cloth and a mild cleaning agent to clean the internals of your computer regularly. This will keep it performing optimally and protect it from dust, which can cause damage over time. 

  • Improperly shutdown your computer

Most computers shut down properly when you press the power button, but if your computer is turned off by mistake, it can damage the hard drive, motherboard, or other components.

  • Editing files that are not your own

If you do not have permission to edit the file, do not try to change it.  If you are uncertain whether a file is yours  or not, ask a friend or family member for help.

  • Installing unauthorized software

Unapproved software can damage your computer, steal information, or even be a Trojan horse that gives the hacker access to your computer.

  • Playing video games for extended periods of time

Playing video games can be fun, but if you are playing for too long, your computer’s processor may overheat and fail.

Computer processors are made to run at a certain speed, but if they are running too fast, they can overheat. Overheating can damage the processor and ruin your computer.

  • Using damaged or outdated hardware

Your computer may work fine  as long as you’re using the latest hardware, software, and security updates, but if you’re using older or degraded equipment, your computer may be more susceptible to damage.

  • Running out of disk space

If your computer is running low on disk space, it may not be able to open certain files or carry out certain operations. This can result in problems with your computer, including corruption of data and loss of functionality.

  • Infecting your computer with a virus

A virus infects your computer with malicious code, which can damage files, delete data, and redirect your browser to malicious sites. A virus can also interfere with your system settings and cause your computer to stop working altogether.


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