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Why domain and name Ultraboooks with 3 o’s?

Well, there is story behind it. We could have been simply called “Ultrabooks” with just 2 o’s. In fact, we were going to be called Ultrabooks. There were and still are to this day plenty of Ultrabooks domain names available. So why 3 o’s? Our founder’s daughter. While we were working on initial website design and company identity, our founder’s 4 year old daughter wanted to “help out” and was drawing her own website design with crayons. Not knowing how to correctly spell Ultrabooks she misspelled it and wrote Ultraboooks with 3 o’s. When she was told that it had too many o’s she said she liked it that way. Once we thought about it, we decided to stick with it as our brand name rather than going with a generic word like ultrabooks. Coool 🙂

What is your philosophy?

Ultraboooks philosophy is simple, offer the fastest and most powerful premium computers at significant savings from retail prices. We do not sell every model from every manufacturer. In fact, our catalog features less than 100 products.

What do you sell?

We strictly specialize in flagship high end models, extremely limited edition models and special configured models that are not available at regular retail stores or high street shops. We carefully select and sell only the very best.

Why should I buy from you?

We spend a lot of time and put tremendous effort into running Ultraboooks, offering our customers the most pleasant and seamless shopping experience we can. At Ultraboooks we do what we love. We live and breathe technology.

It is absolutely not worth it to us to have any dissatisfied customers for any reason. We would rather not make a sale than to have a dissatisfied customer. At this competitive day and age it just does not make any good business sense. We want our clients to be satisfied with the service and products we offer so they can refer us to their friends and colleagues, and come back to us in the future. This is what makes us happy. We may not be the biggest or most well known, but what we lack in size we make up in amazing service and customer support. Just try chatting live online or getting your email answered promptly by one of the large retailers. We try to make this experience as enjoyable for you as possible.

Is shopping on Ultraboooks safe?

At Ultraboooks we take take security extremely seriously and are completely transparent about our business practices and implemented security measures. In fact, we have implemented more security measures to protect our customers than many much larger online retailers and websites. We regularly audit the details of our implementation. For more please visit our Security & Trust page.

How can you get many models before retail stores and high street shops do?

At Ultraboooks we work directly with many manufacturers, and a network of reliable partners and distributors around the world. This allows us to source models that initially may only be available in limited quantities, or may not be available or sold at retail stores. Often special configured models may not even be offered on the manufacturer website.

How can your prices be lower than retail?

Our team always negotiates the lowest possible prices and this allows us to turn these savings over to you, the end-user. Our buying power and network of reliable partners and distributors together with our low overhead costs and efficient logistics all mean the best deals for our customers!

I thought you said your prices were lower than retail but I have seen a similar product you sell for less in another country?

We completely understand your point about pricing and you are absolutely right. Unfortunately it is not possible to just look at the price in another country and currency and simply convert it to GBP for example. We  really wish it was that simple. There are so many factors that influence prices in the UK and EU. In addition to currency fluctuations, for example prices in the US do not include US Taxes, UK 20% VAT, UK Import duty, UK Customs Clearance fees or global shipping. At the end of the day after adding all these extra expenses price would be much higher that what you have seen.

Do you offer local pick up option?

At Ultraboooks we specialize in flagship high-end models, extremely limited edition models, and special or custom configured models that are not available at regular retail stores or high street shops. We carefully select and sell only the very best models.

We try to sell notebooks as close to manufacturer wholesale prices as possible, hence to minimize costs and improve logistics, all notebooks are shipped directly from manufacturers or distributor partners.

We do understand that some customers would prefer to pick up their orders locally, however local pickup would not be very cost efficient, and ultimately it would add considerably to the overall cost of products. In addition, logistics wise it would be pretty much impossible to manage shipments from numerous manufacturers and distributors while keeping the prices as low as possible.

On the other hand, shipping is very fast and on average delivery takes only about 24-72 business hours to most areas within the UK and EU.

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